Tips on how to care for a newborn for First-time mums

Bringing a child into this world can be an exciting feeling for families and especially mothers. However, the birth of a newborn comes with its fair share of responsibilities. These responsibilities may be overwhelming for a first-time mother. However, you can follow these tips provided below to help you take care of your child properly.

Hire a newborn nurse

There is nothing as important to a mother as the health of their infant. You can hire a nurse to help you in monitoring the health of your baby. It is important for you to hire a qualified nurse if you want to get the best services. The Best Newborn Nurse’s in Dubai are easily available from major agencies.

Maintain your hygiene

You should note that newborns are highly reactive to their environmental conditions. This is because their immune system is still not as developed and they cannot fight off some germs. You can use hand sanitizers to clean your hands before holding the child. Ensure that the child’s room is properly cleaned. The beddings used to cover the baby should be perfectly clean also.

Hold the baby appropriately

Always keep in mind that your baby’s body is still delicate and that it has to be handled with extreme caution. You can learn on the proper ways through which you can handle the child through magazines and online blogs that deal with kids. A general rule is that you should always support your child’s neck and head.

Feed the child once they show any sign of hunger

A newborn child only requires a good rest and enough breast milk. You should take note of your child’s feed-me cues. It is advisable to feed the child before he/she gets into distress. You can use a nursing cover when the child wants to feed and you are in the public.