How to use industrial shelving in the workplace

Metal shelving is an excellent choice for warehouses, as it is durable and versatile while being an affordable option. Metal shelving can fit into most spaces, offering storage solutions for all kinds of businesses. If you need some racking in your workplace, take a look at the different metal industrial shelving options below.

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1. Refrigerated or frozen storage

With many industries relying on refrigerators and freezers to store perishable goods, digital gadgets, pharmaceutical or medical items and other biological and chemical materials, cold storage is an important aspect of many important businesses – especially in the medical sector. Metal shelves are strong enough to hold heavy appliances and robust enough to withstand temperatures below freezing, so could be used to hold refrigerators and freezers. Even the IT sector needs cold storage for its computers and servers.

2. Retail store room organisation

No matter how big or small your retail store, you will need somewhere to store your stock. Stock rooms are often used to organise products until they are ready to be put on the shelf, with metal shelving providing a convenient solution for storing boxes of items, unpackaged goods and products that come unboxed. The weight-bearing capacity of metal shelving is also useful in this context.

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3. Document storage

You would not expect paper to be as heavy as it is, or as bulky, but document storage can take up lots of room and can be extremely weighty. For this reason, open steel shelving is a great way to contain old documents away from busy areas, especially if the paperwork needs to be kept for periods of time in one place. Paper storage is extremely important to many homes and businesses.

4. Culinary storage

Not only is metal shelving robust but also it very easy to clean, which makes it perfect for sterile working places such as food storage units or kitchens. Metal shelves can be installed in pantries and breakrooms in addition to cafes and restaurants to keep food products and containers neat and accessible. While some other materials might collect grime and dirt in cooking environments, metal shelves can easily be wiped with cloths to keep them clean and hygienic.