Different things you can do on a jumping castle

When kids get older, they want to try out new things and to explore new fun activities. You should, therefore, go for the option of jumping castle hire Melbourne for your next event. Here are some of the things that you can do together with your kids in a jumping castle so as to keep the fire of fun glowing.

Sumo Wrestling

This involves two combatants who stand at the center of the jumping castle with the aim of hurting the opponent against the walls of the castle. The one who stays on is declared to be the winner. You will also get a good platform that will allow you to imitate the death-defying moves which you always see on the television. The castle is soft and therefore you will not get hurt.

Long jump

You get to compete by running outside the castle and then hurling yourself as far as you can inside it. The aim of this game is trying to catch the back wall of the jumping castle with your outstretched arm before you land.

Snake Race

The participants of this activity should sit with their backs on one side of the castle wall. Everyone should fold their arms and wriggle themselves over towards the opposite side of the castle wall. You can get more information if you contact jumping castles Melbourne.

Hand Grenade

This activity involves throwing an imaginary grenade inside the castle. Everyone counts to three and then hurl themselves against the interior side of the castle as is they have been blown up.

Firing Range

There will be someone who is playing this game outside the jumping castle. The other participants get to jump and down and then they will start miming that they are being shot by the one who is outside the castle with an imaginary gun. This can be quite fun if you have high levels of imagination.