How to best use the laser tape measure

When you want to take measurements when constructing a structure or when doing a home deco or renovation, you will love to use simple ways that will use the shortest time but give the best results at the end. So you think about the measuring tape, but that’s not easy to use neither is it simple so think of a laser measure; a great gift from technology that brings great milestones in taking measurements with just a wink of the eye. Here’s how you can make your laser tape the best companion for your work:

First, ensure you buy the best laser measure to get the best results. Your laser should be convenient to your nature of work and the volume of work you will be doing.

Second, when working with a laser, it is easy to use. all you need to do is to make the device rest then aim it to the target then place the button that is labeled “measure” for you to get the measurements which will be displayed on the screen. Some models that are advanced will give measurements in inches.

The maintenance matters for any device when you want it to give the best results and a laser tape is not an exception. Clean the device regularly so that it achieves durability and it gives the best results. However, be gentle not to live scratches on the glass.

Lastly, as much as the laser measurements can work perfectly well in the sunlight, some people still find it as a big challenge especially when the measurements require long distances. For this reason, you can consider using a laser tape measure that comes with a viewfinder. With this, it will be easier to identify the laser dot on the targeted end of the distance being measured. It becomes easier to measure the distance between far distances even with the presence of sunlight.


An incredible, if just a little bit eccentric, chef

One of my favourite television series of all time has to be ‘Gilmore Girls’. The characters are loveable, quirky and at times intense and you really do invest in their relationships. Whether this is the mother-daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory, the will they, wont they relationship between Lorelai and Luke or the genuine best friends forever relationship between Lorelai and Sookie. The characters all grow as the series continue but none more so than Sookie.

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During the pilot episode and first series you are drawn to Sookie’s sense of fun and humour and she is portrayed as an incredible chef but slightly eccentric and a little bit accident prone.  Here are two of my favourite Sookie moments:


  • When Lorelai tells Sookie and Rory that Rory has been awarded a place at the prestigious Chiltern school the group embrace one another before an excited Rory leaves to tell all of her friends. Lorelai leaves the kitchen with a beaming smile and Sookie is so happy for her best friends’ daughter she skips across the kitchen before throwing a tea towel over her shoulder, and is completely oblivious to the fact that this lands on the lit Lincat SLR6 Silverlink 600 style commercial oven before setting alight. Items being set alight, dropped and people being inadvertently hurt comes with the territory of working in the kitchen with Sookie.

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  • During a memorable episode set during thanksgiving Sookie gives in to her husband’s request to cook the Turkey himself. Her plan is to wait until he has put the Turkey in the oven before she creeps in and bastes the Turkey and gives it a chestnut rub. However, her plans are ruined when on the big day Jackson appears with a giant vat of oil and declares that he is going to deep-fry the Turkey. In a bid to try and stand by her promise and distract herself from the tragedy that she sees occurring to her beautiful Turkey she decides to start drinking. By the time Lorelai and Rory turn up to see her she is blissfully drunk and is finding everything hilarious including the fact that her husband and his family seem content on deep-frying anything they can lay their hands on.


There are many more moments during the episodes that have had me rolling around in laughter including her and Lorelai’s trip to see the Bangles, her melt down moment when she turned up at the Dragonfly Inn the night before her wedding, dressed in her wedding dress, desperately pulling off all of the decorations from her wedding cake before trying to redecorate it. She really is one of my all-time favourite characters.