Am I an Effective Communicator?

By: May Moinkett

In the world we live in, communication is key. In the digital age it is important to know how to relate and expertly interact with the fast paced world we live in. Communicating expertly will set apart the true leaders. There are various traits that characterize effective communication. We can all benefit from the Mastering Communications Programs that ensure each one of the trainees is an expert, highly effective communicator.

These communication training programs are tailored to provide the best training that will enable the trainee to effectively communicate and captivate an audience; this skillful communication will influence the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of those around.

Delivering Powerful Messages An effective communicator is able to skillfully sway emotions and present information in an irresistible manner. An effective communicator stands out, and so does their organization.

Active Listening

An effective communicator is fully focused on the audience and what they are saying verbally and non-verbally. The most important aspect of communicating is understanding other’s words and nonverbal messages. This also involves being fully aware of your messages and how the audience is receiving and interacting with the message.

Managing stressful situations

Communicating is necessary as much in the daily activities as it is in high stress situations. A good communicator is self-aware, confident and in control. Despite facing their own difficult emotions, an effective communicator is able to keep themselves and the people around them calm; while communicating what is necessary. Even when a presentation or speech is causing great stress, an effective communicator is able to handle the nerves and communicate with confidence.

Being Assertive

A lot of people struggle with the lack of assertive skills. Assertive skills are strong in every effective communicator. Assertion is a skill that many seek to learn because they are the foundation of clear, productive human interactions.

In effective communication it is important for the communicator to respect themselves and be fully aware of his or her needs, wants and opinions. As well as be able to communicate negative thoughts and disagreements as well. An effective communicator is wise enough to receive negative feedback and create boundaries and limits. Being assertive is crucial in communicating like a master.

A master communicator is able to understand the audience and create understanding in them as well. Also, he or she is able to manage their own emotions and stressful situations while passing a clear and strong message.

A master communicator is able to understand and use emotions to persuade. Using assertive skills, a master communicator is able to ensure their needs and wants are met and that the audience has understood the message as it was intended.

If you struggle with any of these aspects, there are various Mastering Communicating Programs available to help you be everything you desire to be.