5 Skills that Every Call Centre Agent Must Possess

A call centre agent is on the front line of customer service. The demanding task of appeasing customers and the situations that can arise during a customer service exchange requires agents to be versatile and have the skills needed to handle complex problems.

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Here are five skills that every agent must possess.

1. Patience

Customers will often be frustrated when making contact with agents, so patience is essential for the job.

Agents must give their customers the opportunity to fully explain their situation, and they must put the customer at ease.

Ensure the solution is described patiently, and remember that customers might not have the technical knowledge to resolve the issue.

Practising patience is not easy, but there are many exercises to try to overcome impatience.

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2. Timeliness

Timeliness and efficiency are essential to customer service, and agents must be quick in replying to inquiries.

They must be prepared to shift to another channel if another case needs extra attention.

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Additional tasks and deliveries must be dealt with promptly, with callbacks and other options provided to improve customer service and ensure efficiency.

3. Clear Communication

Call centre agents must strike a balance between using professional language and giving thorough answers whilst being approachable and conversational.

This is no easy task, as agents must keep exchanges relevant and concise while avoiding too much small talk.

Customers want human interaction, but you must value their time, make introductions and communicate clearly.

4. Empathy

Empathy is one of the most essential skills in customer service. Frustrated customers require reassurance and attention, but even content customers need care.

If an agent acknowledges the customer’s concern for quick delivery and timeliness, as well as relevant promotional offers (whilst avoiding unwanted or excessive marketing messages), this shows respect and consideration for customers.

5. Knowledge of Services and Products

Call centre agents must possess the knowledge to discuss services and products with customers.

Agents should receive thorough training to fully understand what the business offers, while receiving regular ongoing updates on important events like promotional sales and recalls.

Agents should also be trained in how to use the call centre technology properly in order to deliver services with full confidence.